Wholiness Retreats


“My first experience of the Wholiness Retreat set in motion a path of recovery and transformation from the deepest pain of my life, a journey which continues and brings me now to the gift of assisting in offering to others this opportunity for stepping aside and spending intentional time with self and God.  Abounding gratitude!”          Mary Catherine

“My very first retreat – what a wonderfully beautiful, enlightening, God-filled experience!”            Karleen

“I went on my first Wholiness Retreat in 2014.  I was amazed at the acceptance of my different theologies without anyone trying to change them or me.  The whole focus was on showing me how to continue my spiritual journey without feeling like I needed to please everyone around me.  The one-on-one counseling I received was life-changing, as well.  I would recommend this ministry to anyone feeling stuck – or just needing a change.”          Chrystal

“I am grateful that I accepted the invitation to experience the Wholiness Retreat.  I found a deeper intimacy with God and a greater peace and understanding of, ‘Be still and know that I am God.’  Psalm 46:10.”          Laura

“I came willingly and I saw quietness, gentleness, tenderness, God of the moment, here in this place.”          Delores

“It has been one of the most wholesome, richest spiritual weeks I have ever experienced.”     Mary

“This week’s retreat was so powerful, the leadership so wise, full of compassion, community and caring.”          Linda

“This retreat was fabulous!  I have not been in touch with God or my inner self like I have these days for a long time.”          Kathy

“The journey was like a healing process which enabled me to develop a new sense of inner strength, self-evaluation and personal responsibility for my life, my relationships in God and in each other.  We are together in oneness.”          Carole

“We are deeply grateful for you, your counsel, your deep joy.”          Sabbatical women of 2008

“Each day I sit and reflect on some aspect of my retreat.  I am still amazed at what I experienced.  I now trust in the Spirit to put my thoughts and feelings into words.”          Jane